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G-Mo Skee is a 29 year old rapper from Richmond, California. Being crowned the filthiest rapper in the Bay Area, G-Mo Skee has made a reputation for himself by saying wild, disgusting, and sickening rhymes - with impressively hilarious lyrics and visuals. He directs his own music videos and edits them. He has been around since 2010 and his lyrical ability has allowed him to appear on songs with huge artists such as Hopsin, and even one of his own influences, Vinnie Paz. Although G-Mo belongs to a rap collective called The Inf Gang from Richmond California, he was a consistent participant in the popular Teambackpack cyphers, where some of the top lyricist in the underground come together and exchange 16 bar verses in a live setting. G-Mo was the very first MC to win Teambackpack's Online Audition in 2010. Soon he became a veteran in the cypher and to date, he has shared the mic with big names like battle rap's Dizaster and Illmaculate. He released the Got Filth mixtape in 2011, and secured a cult following. In 2012, G-Mo was crowned one of the Top 10 Bay Area Freshman by the KMEL radio station & the Thizzler blog, even after dissing both outlets in a video depicting G-Mo burning DJ Amen alive for not recognizing his talent. That year, he released his second mixtape, Got Filth 2: The Great Adventures of G-Mo Skee, and reached new heights in downloads and plays through his bandcamp, and views on Youtube. He competed in Funk Volume's "Don't Fuck up our Beats Contest" in 2013, placing 3rd out of about 3,500 artist world wide. He headlined his first tour in 2013, the "When G-Mo Attacks Tour" and he accompanied Kung Fu Vampire, Dirtbag Dan, and Wrekonize on the Hunger Pains Tour in 2014. In 2015, G-Mo released The Android Filfteen EP, a cult classic, and he has reached 1 million views with his highest viewed video to date, Ignant. G-Mo's debut album, My Filthy Spirit Bomb, was released on Twiztid's Majik Ninja Entertainment and debuted at #4 Rap Album on the Billboard Chart in 2016. His most recent album, Chaly and the Filth Factory, did nearly as much damage debuting as the #6 Rap Album on Billboard. G-Mo is currently gearing up to release his third album, titled The Filth Element.

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